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Pizza and the number 1 sangria in palm springs
Alicante Palm Springs Serves Up Restaurant Week Specials Owner Mindy Reed also has 5th anniversary deals in store for June By PAMELA BIERI (Link to Original Article) Since changing the name and concept a year and a half ago, Mindy Reed’s Spanish-influenced Alicante restaurant in downtown Palm Springs has distinguished itself as a great place for tapas, wines, and late night dinners, featuring one of the few kitchens actually open and offering a variety of dishes until midnight. The tiny patio café and
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Palm Spring’s Alicante – A Desert Health Review

Olive Tapa
When restaurateur Mindy Reed, owner of award-winning Zin American Bistro, was looking to rebrand her second restaurant, Zini Café, her top priority was to satisfy leading requests from her customers. First on the list was a name change as Zin and Zini often created confusion when meeting friends. Second was the menu. “We see more and more people moving towards healthier choices, smaller plates and specific dietary preferences,” said Reed. “So that was a leading consideration.” Thirdly, was the desire for late night dining. “We heard
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IE Weekly – Alicante

Fresh Tapas
Alicante marries together some tasty Spanish and Mediterranean dishes—don’t let Yelp tell you different By Bill Gerdes The Spanish beachside city of Alicante lies about three hours south of Barcelona by train. The Spanish (mostly) restaurant Alicante lies in Palm Springs—on South Palm Canyon Drive to be precise. Both are slightly underrated. The one in Spain boasts some nice restaurants on its hot and crowded beaches, as well as the imposing Castillo de Santa Barbara, a castle dating back to the 16th
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Ten great summer restaurant deals for the Valley

The menu at Alicante offers Spanish Mediterranean choices, including pizza and tapas. (Photo: Kevin Steele)
As originally seen in The Desert Sun  Everett Cook, The Desert Sun The Coachella Valley is in the midst of a food revival. Post-recession, new restaurants and chefs are flooding the area to create a competitive landscape in an area that previously saw many of its best establishments close for the summer. It’s not hyperbole to say that residents and vacationers have more options for food here than ever before. Even with this newfound culinary revival, restaurant owners in the
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Where to get the best spaghetti in Palm Springs

Find out where to get the best spaghetti in Palm Springs Photo courtesy of Morguefile, used with permission
As originally seen in AXS: Where to get the best spaghetti in Palm Springs By: Taylor Rios  AXS Contributor Sep 11, 2015 2293101481651165417616y2015m09d11 Find out where to get the best spaghetti in Palm Springs Photo courtesy of Morguefile, used with permission Spaghetti is the ultimate comfort food, but it also eaten to celebrate or just because it is a simple, delicious meal. It is the perfect meal after a hard day at work or to celebrate a special event, like a graduation. There
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